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Work Order

Work orders are created manually or autotomatically. Automatic work orders are triggered by day/time, weekday/time, meter, interval or by equipment demand through an OPC linked data point. Link unlimited parts to a work order and automatically use linked parts. Link unlimited file attachments of any type file and unlimited text details including safety instructions or standard operating procedures. Drag and drop OEM user manual maintenance specs directly into the work order details. Download MaintSmart 4.1 now or see all the latest features with MaintSmart 5.0 Beta Download.

Preventive Maintenance

MaintSmart CMMS has an additional preventive maintenance component for repetitive calendar based PMs. This CMMS component is optionally used in addition to the work order screen. Preventive maintenance task lists are created once then recycled when closed. Percent preventive maintenance completion, late PM, parts used, labor hour and more are available for PM reporting and analysis. Drag and drop OEM user manual maintenance specs directly into the work order details.

Answers To common questions

Overall Equipment Effectiveness - OEE

Overall equipment effectiveness, or OEE, considers three important equipment maintenance components: Availability, Performance and Quality. Equipment availability considers equipment down time as compared to the planned run time schedule. Performance considers how much product would be produced under ideal conditions and how much product is actually produced during a given time period. Quality compares good product to all product produced. All of these metrics are used to determine the overall equipment effectiveness. This is a powerful feature offered in CMMS only by MaintSmart.

Our CMMS software rewards you with powerful analysis data and reporting you can understand and use to better your equipment maintenance program.

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