CMMS | Computerized Maintenance Management System

CMMS – Computerized Maintenance Management System

Does it make sense to entrust thousands to millions of dollars in equipment assets to an inadequate $29.00 CMMS? Try out the CMMS for free. Free CMMS download, videos and documents to help get you started.

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Maintenance Software Solution

  • Automatically emailed or printed work orders.
  • Automatic printed or emailed preventive maintenance.
  • Trigger work orders based upon equipment demand automatically.
  • Simple work order view for basic users.
  • Comprehensive work order view for more advanced users.
  • Report builder tool uses drag and drop to build sophisticated reports.
  • Complete purchasing system.
  • Inventory management system.
  • Powerful downtime tracking and analysis solution.
  • Reliability analysis and OEE included.
  • Translates to any language.

NEW!! – Six (6) ways to analyze, chart and report CMMS data.

Wait! there are actually seven (7) ways to report. Contact us for the information on this 7th reporting method.

Our Company

  • In business 21 years.
  • Used in 41 countries.
  • Multi-Language support.

Our Customers

  • Manufacturing.
  • Food processing.
  • Facility maintenance.
  • Municipalities.
  • Military.
  • Schools, colleges, universities.
  • Hospitals.

Work Orders

Create work orders manually or automatically. Trigger creation of automatic work orders by day/time, weekday/time, meter, interval or by equipment demand through an OPC linked data point. Link unlimited parts to a work order and automatically use linked parts. Link unlimited file attachments of any type file and unlimited text details including safety instructions or standard operating procedures. Drag and drop OEM user manual maintenance specs directly into the work order details. Our software solution is a multi-lingual CMMS and is completely translatable to any language.

Preventative Maintenance

MaintSmart  has an additional preventative maintenance (PM) component for repetitive calendar based PMs. This component is optionally used in addition to the work order screen. Create preventive maintenance task lists once then recycled them when closing the PM. Percent preventive maintenance completion, late PM, parts used, labor hour and more are available for preventative maintenance CMMS reports and analysis. Drag and drop OEM user manual maintenance specs directly into the work order details. Preventive maintenance is also manages with our web-based module.

Downtime and Reliability Tracking

MaintSmart CMMS software analyzes equipment failure and down time and tracks down time. The CMMS provides flexible equipment failure tracking using OLAP, reliability analysis, OEE and other powerful analysis tools. View answers returned by MaintSmart CMMS in many different perspectives by simply clicking on the data grid containing the answer. If Excel is on your work station you then automatically import the data directly into Excel.

Purchasing and Inventory Control

Inventory management software should provide enough fields to adequately identify and describe the parts. Additionally due to typically very large data store for inventory an inventory management software program should provide flexible and powerful search and filtering of these information. Another must have in a maintenance system is the ability to link spares to reoccurring jobs then automatically use spares from stock.

What is CMMS?

CMMS stands for Computerized Maintenance Management System. Maintenance operations use CMMS software to maintain equipment with the goal of improving equipment reliability while reducing costs. Therefore a good system should reward the user by identifying equipment problems and providing solutions. Additionally automating routine tasks and notifying the maintenance manager when certain events occur (such as an equipment breakdown) saves time and money. Consequently a maintenance software solution potentially saves many times the cost of the software within the first year with normal use.

The biggest cost of a computerized maintenance management system is not the initial purchase but is the time spent entering, reporting and obtaining solutions to better your maintenance operation. MaintSmart includes CMMS KPIs, reliability analysis, overall equipment effectiveness (OEE) and extensive drag and drop user defined reports at not extra charge. Automatic scheduling of work guarantees jobs issued consistently on time. With this in mind does it make sense to entrust millions of dollars in equipment assets to an inadequate $29.00 CMMS?

Benefits of maintenance software:

  • improved reliability
  • labor efficiencies
  • asset allocation
  • increased up-time and availability
  • inventory control
  • CMMS dashboard lists important items

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