Multilingual CMMS | Spanish CMMS | cmms برنامج

Multilingual CMMS | cmms برنامج

  • Programa de software de CMMS español

  • 中国CMMS软件

    Software CMMS Português

  • Logiciel CMMS français

  • Российское программное обеспечение CMMS

  • Deutsch Gerätewartung Software

  • Any Language!

Translated CMMS software contains ten (10) languages in the trial version (listed below) with more being added all the time. We’ll provide a translation into any language free with purchase. In addition, you may customize the translation to fit your specific need and to provide better translation accuracy. MaintSmart is successfully in use in 41 countries.

The trial version currently has these languages available:

  • Chinese
  • Arabic
  • Spanish
  • German
  • Malay
  • Japanese
  • French
  • Russian
  • Vietnamese
  • Portuguese

Contact us if you need a different translation than those listed above. Additionally we have Arabic CMMS support support available.

CMMS Download

Full MaintSmart 5.0 CMMS Software for 30 Day Trial.

Watch Installation Video

Installation video describes the simple installation of the software.

Watch the Login Video

Learn how to login to the new installation using the  sample databases.

Chinese CMMS Software
Arabic CMMS Software Translation
Vietnamese Translated CMMS

MaintSmart is the only multilingual completely translatable CMMS. Best of all it is translatable into ANY LANGUAGE. Furthermore you may have multiple languages running in the same database.

Language options are:

  • User select language.
  • Language set by location.
  • Language set by user.

Languages are further separated by the culture. The culture tell the CMMS how to format dates, currency symbols and decimal separators. By doing so you may obtain the exact language and formatting specific to your culture and language. No other CMMS does this!

multilingual cmms

CMMS Software for the World.

CMMS Translated to Japanese
Spanish CMMS Software
Russian Maintenance Software

The MaintSmart CMMS Translator screen provides a way to create new translations and customize existing translations. Since the translations provided are machine-generated it is likely that the translation needs some adjustment for accuracy.

To further support our international users we have MaintSmart resellers located around the globe.

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