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CMMS KPI Dashboard | CMMS Dashboard with 31 KPIs is Interactive

cmms dashboard kpi work orders

CMMS Dashboard for Work Orders

The interactive work order dashboard is displays work orders that are important to you by status and date. Identify late work orders, repair tickets and completions quickly and effortlessly. Print work orders also.

cmms dashboard kpi inventory purchase order

Inventory and Purchase Order Dashboard

The powerful CMMS inventory management and purchasing dashboard provides an interactive view of important inventory and purchasing items. Darg and drop to create requisitions, purchase orders and more

cmms dashboard kpi downtime

Downtime and Equipment Failure CMMS Dashboard

Notification and tracking of downtime and equipment failures quickly directs the maintenance manager to important cost saving priorities.

Preventative Maintenance CMMS Dashboard

Determine preventative maintenance completion rates and more instantly. This interactive dashboard also provides a simple way to assign and print priority PMs.

CMMS Dashboard

The KPI dashboard is configured by each user to show dashboard data that is important to that user. The dashboard displays with pie chart representations of this important information. Each or the main components of the CMMS KPI dashboard may be displayed or hidden as needed. Furthermore clicking on one of the pie charts opens the dashboard tree view (hot sheet) for that chart. Charts are represented for the following items:

  1. Work orders.
  2. Preventative maintenance.
  3. Inventory and purchasing.
  4. Downtime (equipment failures)

Quickly determine the completion rate of work orders and preventative maintenance task. Access downtime instances from a high level without any effort. Consider restocking spares based upon under stock levels. Best of all this screen is configurable by you and your settings are retained between sessions so that you always see what is important to you quickly, effectively and efficiently.

CMMS KPI Dashboard

This CMMS KPI dashboard displays KPIs. There are 31 different KPIs to choose from. Additionally only the KPIs of interest to you are displayed. This prevents a cluttered screen and quickly draws your attention with a gauge view to out of range KPIs. You have complete control over the target range, warning range and danger ranges for each KPI. KPI gauges can be arranged on the screen in the order that works best for you.

KPIs are available for work orders, downtime, preventative maintenance, purchasing and inventory. Below are few examples of available KPI’s:

  • Requisitions needing approval.
  • Under stock items.
  • Downtime this week.
  • Mean time between failures.
  • Overdue work orders.
  • Overdue preventative maintenance tasks.
  • Percent work orders completed versus uncompleted.






Hot Sheet Dashboard

The interactive Hot Sheet is where important items are displayed. This provides a tree view display of work orders, downtime, preventative maintenance and inventory/purchasing. This is a drag and drop interactive screen provides the following useful capabilities:

  1. Creates and prints purchase requisitions of under stock spare parts.
  2. Create new purchase orders and print for under stock spares.
  3. Approve the purchase of spare parts based upon your level of approval permissions (if any).
  4. Close preventative maintenance tasks.
  5. Generate and print preventative maintenance task lists.
  6. Print work orders.
  7. Edit work orders.
  8. Edit downtime records.

The All Data screen tab on the dashboard is similar to this interactive Hot Sheet however this screen displays all data for all all components. Double click any top-level in this tree view to open all items under that level (for example: Work Orders)


Work Orders

Get a quick view of work orders, repair tickets with completion status. Easily issue work orders immediately from the dashboard by dragging work orders to the shopping cart. Print and edit work orders from the CMMS KPI dashboard.

Preventative Maintenance

Preventative maintenance completion status and late PMs are displayed so that you may either print or email them immediately from the dashboard or close them as needed. This graphical view is intuitive and comprehensive.

Downtime Dashboard and Hot Sheet

Need a quick view of downtime (equipment failures) over the past week? Here it is in a simple tree view display. Set the downtime parameters that you as a logged in user consider important. MaintSmart saves this view for you.

Purchasing and Inventory Control

Inventory management software has never been easier to use! See a list of under stock spares. Create a requisition or purcahse order based upon your level of user permissions. You can even approve requisition line items. Imagine the time saved!

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