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Reliability Analysis Software Used to Set Preventative Maintenance Task Interval
MTBF Used to Set PM Task Intervals

What Preventative Maintenance Task Intervals Should be Used?

This CMMS software with built in reliability analysis software contains a unique feature that actually performs reliability analysis on an equipment item based on the item’s failure cause. In the case depicted at the above left, the Fryer #1 had a MTBF (average time between failures) of approximately 45 days for the break down cause Out of Time. Now that you know how often the Fryer #1 can be expected to fail because it out of time you may take the appropriate steps to prevent this failure cause. There are already three assigned tasks meant to prevent this break down cause however there completion Interval is 60 days. Next to prevent this failure the maintenance manager should set these PM tasks to be performed at 45 day or shorter intervals.

Fortunately this is very simple to do from this screen by simply right mouse-clicking the grid row containing the record and entering the new interval time. You may also add tasks to the PM list for this equipment item from this screen.Remember the tasks seen on this reliability analysis screen are actually part of an existing preventative maintenance task list for this equipment item that has been previously set up.

This powerful feature is useful for removing unneeded tasks from a PM task list as well. This feature is only found in MaintSmart CMMS and is designed to make your equipment maintenance operation more efficient while preventing costly down time, saving labor time and money.

How MTBF Benefits a Maintenance Operation

Setting preventative maintenance intervals is often subjective. By using the actual MTBF (average time between failures) MaintSmart guides you to set exactly the correct task intervals to prevent failure causes. This is accomplished by the CMMS’ unique task-to-failure-cause mapping capability. What the powerful component does is associate a preventive task with a known failure cause. For example to prevent Broken Drive Chain (failure cause) maintenance should Lube Drive Chain; how often depends upon MTBF.

Preventative Maintenance List
reliability analysis software for preventative maintenance

What Other Ways Does the CMMS Use Downtime Data to Benefit Our Organization?

Downtime data is used additionally for generating OEE (Overall Equipment Effectiveness) reports, data cube reports, Top Worst Downtime Instances reports, Crosstab reports and several semi-canned reports for common downtime reporting. All of these reporting and analysis tools are very simple to use, understand and benefit from. Need a personalized demonstration? Call or email today and start optimizing your preventative maintenance task lists.