Cloud CMMS | Cloud-Based Maintenance Management Software

Cloud CMMS – Cloud-Based Maintenance Management Software

The MaintSmart Cloud CMMS software offers the following benefits:

  • Full CMMS software system with all modules included.
  • Completely managed by experts in cloud software and hardware.
  • All server hardware and software provided by cloud service.
  • All servers and server hardware managed and maintained by professionals 24/7.
  • Super fast triple redundant Citrix servers ensure reliable operation and maximized CMMS up time.
  • SQL Server database provided and managed by professional database administrators.
  • Extended support included with cloud service at no extra charge. This includes all software updates and phone support.
  • Subscription based monthly fee. No large up front costs.
  • Cancel anytime.

This is the full MaintSmart Enterprise system running on a remote Citrix server. This includes all modules:

The Cloud CMMS version runs on any device. Consequently this makes it quite useful for applications were mobility is needed. Call or email today for a demonstration of the CMMS cloud service. Furthermore with 99.9% availability this system is ready whether you are onsite or offsite. Additionally with the Web Work Request module also installed with the Cloud server application you now have a complete Cloud and web-enabled work request system.


CMMS Cloud Benefits

CMMS Cloud benefits document.

CMMS Security

This system is monitored 24/7/365 and has dual layer 128-bit encryption. You also get the peace of mind that  comes with knowing that none of your data is being stored on your local computers and that no data is ever transferred through the internet. When you connect to our system, you’re actually making a direct connection to our servers located in the data center where everything is stored. When you work, the only thing that is actually passed through the internet is keystrokes and mouse clicks. Your work never leaves the server that they are connected to.

Preventative Maintenance List
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Try Out the Cloud Service for Free!

We have space on the Cloud server for trial users to test this system. Contact us for the login information and a demonstration of how the CMMS cloud version of MaintSmart benefits your organization.