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Spanish CMMS, Arabic CMMS, Chinese CMMS, Portuguese CMMS, Japanese CMMS – Any Language

MaintSmart 5.0 translatable CMMS software translates to any language. The default language is English, however multiple versions of English may be created and all screen text tailored to fit your specific requirements. We provide translations in any language. These are machine translations, however by using the CMMS translator screen you may easily customize any translation for accuracy as needed.

This translatable CMMS is successfully used in 41 countries worldwide. Since many individual languages are spoken in multiple countries (for example: Spanish – Mexico, Spanish – Spain, Spanish – United States, and so on) the translatable CMMS translation engine also provides for the correct culture settings for the selected language. These settings format the currency symbol, dates formats and more.  Furthermore all reports, messages and screen objects translate properly. MaintSmart 5.0 is the only CMMS software available today that translates to ANY LANGUAGE.

Additionally we added a special login screen for our trial users (Demo users). This screen provide a simple login to our sample data without the concern of entering a user name and password. This capability is explained in a video below. The login screen optionally uses “Bypass Logins”. These are enabled in the program configuration screen. CMMS users that are licensed and using MaintSmart in production may also find this Bypass Login capability useful, especially for users submitting a repair ticket. Setting up a Requester as a Bypass Login enables anyone in your organization to submit a repair ticket without having their own login. This encourages personnel to report all issues with equipment.

Try out the latest CMMS version in English or another language. The DEMO Manufacturing database included with the download contains 10 language translations to choose from.




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